Los Niños de Morelia

In 1937, nearly 500 children were evacuated from Spain during the Spanish Civil War. 

They were offered refuge in Mexico. 

Their stay was meant to be temporary. It lasted their lifetimes.

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Spanish Civil War

All wars are terrible.

All civil wars are heartbreaking.

Even so, the Spanish Civil War was particularly brutal. A war of obscene violence, of mass atrocity.









Hunger was rampant. 

Civilians were under attack.

Hitler and Mussolini's armed forces were carpet-bombing their cities.

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Parents had to wonder how much longer their children would survive.

So when they heard of a free program that would send their sons and daughters out of the war zone, they had to consider it.

The trip would be short: just until the end of the war, when the Spanish Republic would win back its democracy. A few months. A year at most.

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No one expected that Francisco Franco would win the war or that Spain would enter into a decades-long dictatorship.

No one expected the onslaught that was World War II.

No one expected these historical events, which, together would make it impossible for the children to return to Spain for forty, fifty, or sixty years.

Their parents could not predict that, in most cases, they would not see their children again. 

All they knew was that their sons and daughters needed to be saved.


And so they made the impossible decision to save them.